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Sunday, May 29, 2022

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“NURTURING the mind while still young.Child development and values formation made enjoyable and interesting to kids with colouring, reading, drawing, writing, reasoning and storytelling activities”.
To print and provide the basic educational tools and materials, both interactive and activitybased, needed in the introduction of early academic learning to children.

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The Commuter foundation aims at creating and printing “Easy to Learn Books” fully illustrated children’s story and work-activity books with an array of enjoyable learning exercises.
Commuter wants to print these books in the 11 official languages thus instil lessons and values learned from these stories and activities featured in the educational material will unique and exciting characters, places and themes that will kindle the consciousness, emotion and imagination that will serve as light that will guide and educate these young minds to grow up with a profound love for books and reading, creating a deep respect for themselves, for others and the environment.
This keen awareness will empower these young minds to be good and responsible members of society.