Kanye West Drops First POTUS Campaign Ad Twice; Spoiler Contender Advocates “Turning To Faith” In Write-In Bid


With just over three weeks to go before Election Day and polling near zero, increasingly desperate contender Kanye West has put out his first campaign ad today with prayers of convincing voters to write him in on their ballots – more than once.

“America,” the notoriously baffling and seemingly baffled rapper and fashion designer declares at the top of the spot. “What is America’s destiny? What is best for our nation? Our people? What is just, true justice?”

Advocating Americans find overall salvation in faith, the relatively high production value spot dropped this morning on social media, where it picked up over a million views relatively quickly. Then, because this is Kanye, the ad was taken down Monday to be replaced by an almost identical ad. The only difference between Ad 1.0 and the over 270,000 viewed Ad 2.0 is the addition of on-screen text right near the end saying “2020 Vision”:


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