Extension of booze ban to have a ‘significant negative effect’ on wine industry


Agri Western Cape on Wednesday said the extension of the alcohol ban put the financial ability of many wine producers to survive under pressure.

CEO Jannie Strydom said they were disappointed that government opted for a total ban instead of following a differentiated approach.

He said the wine industry – a major role player in the Western Cape’s and the country’s economy – had already suffered significant financial and job losses during the two previous bans.

Strydom adds that more jobs tied to the wine value-chain are being compromised.

“Agri Western Cape understand the pressure the health system is under, but the wine industry is getting the short end of the stick because of non-compliance with COVID-19 regulations by the general public. The extension of the ban will have a significant negative domino effect on the wine industry, which is an important role player in the economy.”

The alcohol sale ban is one of government’s measures put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19.


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