MASOYI – It is every parents dream to have a decent home for their family. Martha Lekhuleni (45) says she won’t be at peace until she has a decent home for her children. Lekhuleni’s family consists of 10 members staying in a one room shack at Phola Trust outside Whiteriver, they live a difficult life since they all have to squeeze in a one room shack together with parents and children.

When interviewed by this publication, Lekhuleniindicated that she is staying with her husband who works in the farms, her children and grandchildren. The children do not have birth certificates which makes it difficult for the family.

“I sometimes feel like I could die due to the situation I’m in. It’s very painful as a parent to see your children struggling. If I were to die today, I wouldn’t rest in peace because I will be leaving my children homeless,” said Lekhuleni.

The family is surviving only with the income of Lekhuleni’s husband and money that she makes from piece jobs around the area.

“I appeal to good Samaritans to help my family. The only important thing I need for my family is a house and birth certificates for my children,” she added. Collen Mashego of the Masoyi Tribal Authority has also appealed to members of the public to help the family. Those who want to assist can contact him at 0712464583


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