MBOMBELA: Since the President of the Republic of South Africa announced the implementation of the national lockdown onthe 23rd of March, Buscor being a company that cares for the people it serves; engaged in a partnership with Halls to lend a helping hand to needy communities through the distribution of food parcels.

As the nation celebrated Mandela Day on the 18th of July, the two companies took on an initiative to spend their 67 minutes giving back to communities. Over 150 food parcels have been distributed by both companies to community members of different backgrounds in three Chieftaincies. The Chieftaincies that benefited are theKhumalo Chieftaincy at Ggutjwa, Mashego Chieftaincy at Masoyi andMhaule Chieftaincy at Nkambeni.

Whilst addressing the beneficiaries at Gujwa, The Executive Chairperson of BuscorDr Norah Fakude said they were honoured to be giving back to the communities in honouring the late hero, Dr Nelson Mandela.

“The current situation of Covid-19 that is engulfing our country has touched us asBuscor. We felt that we should do something as the Coronavirus also affects our operation areas. We have partnered with Halls in this initiative whereby we give food parcels to communities,” said Fakude.

It is alleged that over 4000 food parcels have been distributed by Buscor and Halls since the initiative commenced.

Fakude has also condemned the women and children abuse incidents that have shown an increase in the country during the lockdown.

“The women and children abuse cases reported each day are very disturbing. Let’s join hands as communities and fight it. We urge men to play their part in protecting women and children in society,” added Fakude.

On behalf of all the traditional leaders of the communities that benefited from the food parcels, the Chairmain of the Local House, Chief SiveKhumalo of Gutjwa thanked Buscor and Halls for the initiative to plough back into their communities.

He indicated that the rate of unemployment still remains a major contributor of poverty in their community.

“We are very pleased with what Buscor has done for our community today. We hope it will make a huge difference to all the families involved,” added Khumalo.  


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