SASSA Grant Payment Dates during lockdown


By Sipho Maseko

South African social security agency (SASSA) say grant recipients will receive their payment from June 3rd and 4th for pensioners and persons with disabilities.

SASSA spokesperson in Mpumalanga, Senzeni Ngubeni said the payment will also include the linked child grants with all the other grants being paid in the 5th of June.

With the president having announced the R350 relief grant for the unemployed, SASSA for settled paid ten people in what the labeled as testing of the system before advancing to the larger unemployed people from Tuesday, May 26.

At least five million people who had applied for the R350 relief grant are eagerly waiting for their share of the national budget for the unemployed.

Ngubeni said the unemployment relief grant is only monitored at their national office and selection comes with a strict screening of individuals.

“The applications for the R350 social relief grant are processed through our head office and applicants have to undergo a strict process to ensure that they are qualifying.

For now, 10 payments were made, which equates to almost one out every province. We must remember that anyone receiving any other form of government assistance such as NSFAS, pension, UIF, and insurance, are not eligible to receive the grant,” said Ngubeni.

He said the vetting of the applicants is one that delayed the process but people who applied and qualified will get their monies through, direct to account, e-wallet, and post office and such will be known by an individual applicant through communications with SASSA.

“There are different ways in which the grant will be paid, one would be direct to bank accounts and e-wallet and the post office. People should know that those are applied and found to be legible will know how their monies are paid,” said Ngubeni.

Ngubeni said beneficiaries would be paid from the month in which the application was made until October this year. “People should know that there would be no back payments would be made,” said Ngubeni.


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